Monday, 1 August 2011

My First Post

Well, here I begin at 12.58am writing my first Blog entry. Seems somewhat ridiculous that I couldn't drift off to sleep like normal people because for some reason, being part of the generation y, I must indeed be a night owl and can only think clearly at this hour.
I was thinking about this 'blog' thing, and wondering, why it is so important? Why must I have one? Considering every man and his dog seems to have one of these in this day and age.
Being a Graphic Designer, (well almost, after this year) we are so focused on our work. We spend hours and hours on what seems to the untrained eye as meaningless drawing and manipulation. We spend hours on photoshop and illustrator, indesign and whatever other program availiable to us. We sit, infront of a computer for days, without any desire to get up, walk about, change clothes and sometimes even eat because what we are doing consumes us. Unfortunately we are in a creative industry, where satisfactory is not good enough, we print copy after copy of our work and for what? Majority of todays consumers are right here, on the web.
In todays society without web presence our industry, our work, would become almost obscelete. This phenomenon where we have grown up, is essentially where its all at.
So here I am world, wide, web.
xox Elle

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